20121117-_DSC5230Photography has always been a part of my life. Growing up in the age when my parents would go to the Photo Fox in the local grocery store parking lot to pick up there newly developed roll of 110 film, I learned to appreciate what a photo could do, evoke emotion. In the digital age that we live in now it’s just not the same any more. Gone is that anticipation of picking up a roll of film and going through the photos to relive those moments.

To me photography is so much more than snapping an image with your phone and posting it to “insert social media website here”.  Not to say that you can’t take a great image with your phone’s camera, I just happen to see mare images of “stuff” and I don’t want to see “stuff” in a photo, I want emotion or something that creates a thought. Sure I’m just as guilty of snapping an image with my phone now and then and posting it to Google+ but for the most part when I want to take a photograph, I slow down prepare myself and wait. Then click.