I'll have the regular.

I’ll have the regular.

When I go out shooting I normally don’t have a specific vision or image in my mind that I want to photograph, I wait for them to come to me.  It is not that often that I am without my camera, and I don’t mean the camera on my phone, my actual camera.  I guess that’s a positive for having a smaller bodied DSLR, carrying it around on a daily basis isn’t that much of a hassle.  As I shoot more and more I can see a change in the moments that I capture.  When I started I was still in a point and shoot state of mind, using one of the pre-programmed modes and shooting JPEG.  But gone are those days, now I shoot in RAW format exclusively and manual mode 95% of the time and aperture priority the other 5%.  I am constantly learning new techniques and tips and constantly shooting to improve my self as a photographer.  

A large form of inspiration for me has come from Google+. If you have not checked it out and you are looking for some inspiration, I highly recommend  it. Using the communities feature is a great place to start, but I digress.  The joy in photography to me comes in many forms, the search for something but not knowing what it is, the quite solitude of a river bank that is off the beaten path, the intense energy of the streets of San Francisco, or the sound of the pounding waves on the California coast.  One of my favorite things to do while looking at photographs that I have taken is remembering the feeling that I had at that precise moment.  Photography is a wonderful art form unlike any other, in its purist form you capture a moment in time, but in actuality there is so much more to it.  The end result of that click of the shutter can evoke a multitude of emotions all in one image.  I believe we look at a photograph much in the same way as we look at the world, through our own eyes with our own thoughts and memories molding that photograph in our minds.  We may all look at the same photograph, but we will always see something different.

American River Freeport, Ca

American River Freeport, Ca