It's the simple things in life that matter.

It’s the simple things in life that matter.

Are you like me old enough to be aware of the dreaded family photo album?  Moments captured on film developed, looked at, laughed at and put in to the family photo album for all to see.  Well at least all who stopped by and visited, way back in ye’ olde times when having a social life meant actually knowing the people, Words With Friends was called Scrabble and Drawsome was called Pictionary.  Well before the real world ended and became virtual the dreaded family album was really high on the list of things that most parents would grab if the house was on fire and they could only grab a few things.  And why not?  As much as we all dreaded the album we loved it at the same time, we just did not realize it when we were younger.  Now we are glad that they exist, we can look back and see the joys of our childhood, remember the grandparents and other family members who might no longer be with us.  Yes photographs are very important, it’s the closest that we can come to stopping time and if you have kids or nieces and nephews that you are close to you know how important this is.  Life goes by fast, really fast.  Taking time to smell the roses is highly underrated and definitely not done enough.  If there is one thing that I have learned with having a kid is that there will always be ways to make more money in the future, but time is irreplaceable.  Capture these precious times before they are gone.  All it takes is a simple click.20120923-_DSC4305