Karl and his ride

Karl and his ride.

Week 3, fashionably late.

Well at least this photo was taken in week #3.  Just outside of work on my lunch hour I spotted the low rider bicycle across the street, but seriously how could you not notice it!  As I walked across the street he was on the phone and I asked him if I could take his photo he nodded in the affirmative.  I readied my camera looked up and he had moved to the side as to get out from behind the bike so I could shoot it alone.  I motioned him back to where he originally was composed the shot and click.  Shortly there after he ended his call I introduced myself in the normal fashion, explaining to him my project.  He liked the idea of the project and wished me well.  The interaction was brief but I did learn that Karl had worked in the building that he is sitting next to some years ago and had just met a friend for an early lunch.  One less stranger down and on to week #4!