There was no one there.

There was no one there.

Time fly’s by.

It’s true what they say, the older you get the faster time goes by.  Time just has a way of getting away from you, and the next thing you are asking your self is “where did all the time go?”  I set out on my 52 Strangers in 52 Weeks project in order to expand my self as a photographer and as a person, but it had a different effect.

Side Effects May Vary.

What resulted for me was a need to force something that should grow organically and lost its luster.  I began to resent the project and the demand that it created, and I wasn’t really focusing on the creative side of things.  I really wanted this project to work, but in the end I decided to keep going forward with it, but slightly altered.

Going forward I will maintain the same rules as before as far as what qualifies someone as a stranger, but I am tossing the 52 weeks portion out.  From here on out I will refer to it as my “Stranger” project.  This will free me up to pursue both this and other endeavors while maintaining the original goal of the project.  Here’s to happy shuttering.