What a City!

Well it definitely wasn’t my first trip to the city, check out my San Francisco Pictures folder, but it never ceases to amaze me.  Size wise San Francisco is just barely 50 square miles, but the way the city is just stacked up getting around the city is a chore.San Francisco Overview







Don’t worry after driving around for a few hours, you still won’t really know where you are going.  Not to worry though, there are treasures around just about every corner.

San Fran corner









If you’ve never been to San Francisco, I highly suggest to you that you make it a point to visit.  Trust me, it’s worth the trip no matter how for you are traveling from.  When I was in the Navy I was fortunate enough to do some traveling, enough to say that I have circumnavigated the globe, while stopping at quite a few continents.  Of all the cities that I have visited, San Francisco tops my list. Just for reference, I have been to New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dubai, Jebal Ali, Perth, Hobart, Hong Kong, Pusan, Kuala Lampur, Victoria B.C. and Oahu.  So yes I’ve been fortunate to see a large chunk of the world.  Maybe I’m biased but San Francisco just has something, it doesn’t hurt that the people are fantastic as well.

Here’s a few more photos from my recent trip including my first up close shot of the new span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge taken from Treasure Island. Enjoy!

San Francisco Bay Bridge San Francisco FD San Francisco PD San Francisco sun walk Skimboard San Franciso