I have to agree with this blog, but at the same time I have to admit to being like this guy on occasion. On a recent shoot I had my camera on my tripod while shooting the sun rise. I was out with a couple of friends and the morning was beautiful. I set my tripod down, not paying as much attention as I should. Of course the ground was uneven and my camera was pointing in a direction without a leg directly in front of it. Gravity took over, timberrrrrrr slooooow motion noooooooooo. Clank. Silence. Worry sets in…. Picked up my camera…. Dusted it off…. Slowly pressed the shutter button, click-click. Whew. Lens was good camera was good. Lens saved by the hood. So yeah don’t be like that guy.

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It’s rare that I step up on my soap box about gear… after all to each their own.  But this one is just a pet peeve as it causes so many potential problems.

The lens hood doesn’t point this way when the lens is out of your camera bag!


  • Hoods are reversed when packing the lens into a lens pouch or for shipping.  This makes it more compact.
  • Turn the lens hood around to provide physical protection to the front of your lens. This can minimize damage from drops, bumps, or running into things.
  • Mounting the lens hood forward also cuts down on unwanted lens flares that can strip a shot of detail and wash out the frame.

Public service announcement over.  Get the most from your gear.


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