Well to be honest I am extremely honored that they decided to chose my photo for the cover of the new manual.  Who are “they”, well it’s the California DMV and yep, that’s my photo on the cover of the 2014 Driver Handbook.  It’s an odd feeling knowing that thousands of people will see a photo that I took, and a printed version for that matter.

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn

How did this opportunity present itself?  Full disclosure I do work for the DMV, but not as a photographer.  Some time ago the DMV held a little car show and of course I had my camera with me (I always do) and a clicking I went.  One of the photos I took was of an employee and his classic Chevelle.  I asked him if he would like a copy and email addresses were exchanged.  Processed, emailed, reply of thanks, done.  Well it turned out that he worked in the web development division and months later, he flagged me down in a hallway at work and asked if I could shoot some things for him, of course I would.  Finished that project, a couple of months go by.  Hey Gary could you shoot for the cover of the new handbook?  Of course I would, and I did.

The shot that we ultimately decided to use was one out of my collection of previous shoots.  They were looking for an image that is uniquely California, something iconic.  What’s more iconic than the GoldenGate bridge?  Not much.

Well for me, the lesson learned was that kind gestures can lead to rewarding opportunities.  I’ve met, and worked with some great people as a result of that original shot of a guy and his car.