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Travis pouring a taste at the Sutter Creek Wine Tasting Room

Travis pouring a taste at the Sutter Creek Wine Tasting Room

Change the way you create photographs by learning how to take control.

How you set your aperture can really change your photo more so than any of the settings that you control when shooting in manual mode and really pushes your photos to new levels.  The aperture in your camera is made up of different elements that affect your image in a deeper level than we’ll go over at this point.  The aperture can easily be misunderstood by those just beginning to learn the ins and outs in photography due to the fact of the lower the aperture number such as f1.2 the larger the opening, conversely f22 is a smaller opening.  Depth Of Field or DOF is where your aperture setting really shines and changes the mood of your photo. Continue reading

Fro Nation

Fro Nation

Photography extends far beyond the click of the shutter, yes that is the quintessential moment when you freeze time, but there is so much that goes on before and after the click.  Not only is there more than that moment there, at times, is another next to the photographer.  Just this last weekend I did an outdoor family portrait session with Richard Pochop, and although he was holding the camera in this instance, being an “assistant” doesn’t quite accurately describe the role.  This was the first time that he and I had worked together in this capacity and it was a blast.  We go out and shoot very often together, so the unspoken communication came naturally. Continue reading

Through the lens.









I see you

Slow down.

When I spend a day or any amount of time shooting photographs, the world just looks different, maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much.  Going through life we are usually in a rush to get where we are going.  If you are driving your eyes are on the road, or at least they should be, and if you are a passenger your eyes are on your phone.  All the while the world is right there in all its beauty, just waiting to be observed and appreciated.  Beauty is everywhere you just need to open your eyes.  Next time you go for a walk take a look around and I’m sure you will see something of beauty, even if that walk is from your car to work or right out your front door.  When I am out with my camera something catches my eye, I walk towards it find my angle and create my photograph.  Something as simple as crouching down, and looking from that vantage just changes the world.  So get out there and look at the world, put your phone in your pocket and enjoy the world that’s right there in front of you.  Here’s a collection of some of my views of the world, at least my small corner of it.

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It's the simple things in life that matter.

It’s the simple things in life that matter.

Are you like me old enough to be aware of the dreaded family photo album?  Moments captured on film developed, looked at, laughed at and put in to the family photo album for all to see.  Well at least all who stopped by and visited, way back in ye’ olde times when having a social life meant actually knowing the people, Words With Friends was called Scrabble and Drawsome was called Pictionary.  Well before the real world ended and became virtual the dreaded family album was really high on the list of things that most parents would grab if the house was on fire and they could only grab a few things.  And why not?  As much as we all dreaded the album we loved it at the same time, we just did not realize it when we were younger.  Now we are glad that they exist, we can look back and see the joys of our childhood, remember the grandparents and other family members who might no longer be with us. Continue reading