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Week 5… the late bloomer.

Unlike this Spring, if you can call it Spring because it’s been hot, this post is a late bloomer.  I actually prefer fashionably late, it sounds intentional and has more flare.  My stranger for this week is actually very close to my photography, but in a distant manner. Continue reading


Through the lens.









I see you

Slow down.

When I spend a day or any amount of time shooting photographs, the world just looks different, maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much.  Going through life we are usually in a rush to get where we are going.  If you are driving your eyes are on the road, or at least they should be, and if you are a passenger your eyes are on your phone.  All the while the world is right there in all its beauty, just waiting to be observed and appreciated.  Beauty is everywhere you just need to open your eyes.  Next time you go for a walk take a look around and I’m sure you will see something of beauty, even if that walk is from your car to work or right out your front door.  When I am out with my camera something catches my eye, I walk towards it find my angle and create my photograph.  Something as simple as crouching down, and looking from that vantage just changes the world.  So get out there and look at the world, put your phone in your pocket and enjoy the world that’s right there in front of you.  Here’s a collection of some of my views of the world, at least my small corner of it.

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